4 Fellowships 4 Entrepreneurs

Realizing your innovative ideas

4 Fellowships 4 Entrepreneurs focuses on building foundational knowledge about entrepreneurship to support you on your journey to launching your ideas and becoming an entrepreneur.

The program is intended to support you in developing a potential product for market. In this program you will be able to network with other entrepreneurs, learn skills related to launching your idea, and take the first important step in building your business.

Our program also provides a valuable basis for participating in advanced (inter-) national start-up and spin-off programs as well as in our cooperation program Innovator’s Road.

Johannes Hackethal

4F4E-Alumnus, Founder THT Biomaterials GmbH, LBI for Experimental and Clinical Traumatology

I highly recommend this program to all Startup-interested creative minds out there! I felt professionally advised with all freedom necessary to fulfill all my tasks to „Startup as entrepreneur”. This program is very agile and has various cool tools – to make stories – success stories. Like!

We help you realize your innovative ideas

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Program Manager

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