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21 Dez 2021 von LBG Career Center

CC Alumnus Johannes Hackethal erhält FFG Förderung

„Eine Humanmaterial-basierte Plattform Technologie für die Zellkultur-Forschung und die Regenerative Medizin“ was granted by the Austrian funding agency FFG for its second company year.

THT Biomaterials GmbH, a spin-off from the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Clinical and Experimental Traumatology, aims to overcome major methodological issues at the bottom of today’s drug development, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine research practices leading to false positive or negative results. A new visionary platform technology is under development that will speed up research as it makes its results more realistic by replacing animal components with human components.

THT Biomaterials GmbH supports academia and companies in the Life Science sector with more ethical and precise HUMAN PLACENTA Products for cell culture applications, such as coatings, gels, tissue-inks, lab on chips, and more. At the very far end, THT Biomaterials GmbH aims to create a sustainable, global and personalized medicine for Society.

The founder Johannes Hackethal has worked in the Austrian health sector with over 10 years’ experience in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. “Without the help of the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft (LBG) and its Career Center, this project would probably not have been realized. A lot of thanks to the LBG Career Center for this intensive support over two years via excellent incubator programs such as the 4F4E program or the LBG Innovator´s Road.” Dr. Johannes Hackethal

Johannes Hackethal participated in the 4 Fellowships 4 Entrepreneurs Program in 2019 and Innovator´s Road in 2019/20. He is one of the program pioneers in both programs and at the LBG one of our first Entrepreneurs. The Career Center congratulates Johannes Hackethal for his outstanding performance!

a. Photo Credit: KNAACK