Professional Success Through Personal Accountability
Online Info Session on February 22, 2023 – 3 PM
Applications open until February 28, 2023!

Reach your (career) goals and apply now for the LBG Peers4Careers Program starting in May 2023! Peers4Careers (P4C) is a 6-month accountability program. This unique format is offered for the first time by the LBG Career Center.

Peers4Careers is here to help you work on what is most important in your life. In the end, you will feel proud for following through and for reaching your goal.

This Special Program is an accountability program. An accountability partnership is a highly effective tool for setting goals and maintaining motivation with support from peers and a trainer. It is unique in its format, as it focuses on self-reflection, collaboration, and motivation.

Space is limited so apply today for the LBG Peers4Careers Program.

Download the Program Folder for more information about this program.

If you still have any open questions, feel free to join our Online Info Session on February 22 at 3 PM!

Apply now!

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Application process

Send your application until February 28, 2023 with a short video (ca. 2 minutes), your contact information and the signed data protection document.

In your video statement, please share:

  1. Your name and how you found out about Peers4Careers
  2. Where you currently work as a researcher and what it is you do there
  3. Why the Peers4Careers Program speaks to you personally and what your motivation is to participate
  4. The type of goal you want to tackle, e.g. finish project abc, career change, lifestyle change, etc.
  5. How you want to communicate with others in the program and why, e.g. Messenger App, Face-to-face, E-Mail, etc.
  6. How much time you plan on dedicating to reaching your goal between now and the end of 2023

Any question? Contact us!

Simone Fürst, MA

Program Manager

+43 (0)1 513 27 50-37