zur Nutzung der Angebote

  • Which services can I use as a pre- or post-doc of the LBG?

    As an LBG Pre- or Post-Doc, all our services are open to you.

  • Which services can I use as a pre- or post-doc if I don’t work at the LBG?

    As an external pre- or post-doc or employee of a partner organisation, you can choose from selected individual and institutional services as part of our Career Cake.

  • How much do the Career Center services cost me?

    As a pre- or post-doc of the LBG, all services are free of charge for you. As an external pre- or post-doc, you can use a selection of our Career Cake services at a pioneer price of €250

  • Do I have to use the services in a certain order?

    No, there is no predefined order and you can use as many or as few of our services as you’d like.

  • Who do I contact if I would like to make use of an individual or institutional service, have questions or would like to register?

    You are welcome to contact all staff members of the LBG Career Center who are responsible for the target group pre- and post-docs, specifically Simone Fürst (English & German) and Mareike Kerschbaum (German). If necessary, we will forward your request to the respective expert in the team.

  • Does my manager have to agree if I want to use a service?

    Your manager only has to agree if you are absent for a longer period during your regular working hours. This especially applies if you participate in our programs lasting longer than one day. We treat all services that you make use of with us as strictly confidential and will not inform your manager of your participating in our services.

  • Does the Career Center disclose any information that I discuss or share in the services to anyone?

    No, all information and content shared and discussed will remain strictly confidential.