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LExA – Leadership Excellence Award in Research

In 2023, the Career Center of the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft will for the first time present an award for excellent and innovative leadership competencies in research/science, the Leadership Excellence Award in Research – LExA.
This award is an important addition to existing research awards and aims to make the topic of leadership more visible in the scientific environment.

Call 2023

The call for 2023 is open from early April to June 30, 2023.
Submission is via our LBG eSubmission Portal at esubmission.lbg.ac.at.
For more information on the submission modalities, please refer to the nomination guidelines.

Federal Minister Martin Polaschek on the LExA Award

LExA – Leadership Excellence Award in Research

  • Why an award for Leadership in Research?

    Leadership as a competence requirement does not yet receive enough attention in the scientific working environment.

    The step to becoming a leader is often a real challenge for scientists. Many researchers reach leadership positions without having learned the necessary leadership skills beforehand. Yet the research environment in particular is characterised by specific challenges, such as high performance pressure, uncertain working conditions and results, the acquisition of third-party funding, complex and changing organisational and hierarchical structures, and heterogeneous and international research teams, which place a great strain on leadership work. At the same time, a manager in the scientific environment continues to be expected to meet high professional standards. And finally, the challenge for a modern manager not only to advance his or her own research career, but also to assume responsibility as a coach and mentor for the career development of young researchers and for the transfer and sharing of knowledge (e.g. in the context of teaching, open innovation in science) is often not (sufficiently) perceived.

    The novel award LExA underlines the relevance of leadership competencies in the scientific environment. With the Leadership Award, the LBG wants to highlight individuals who not only master these challenges, but meet them in a joyful and positive way, thus being a role model and inspiration for young researchers. In this regard, better conditions for young researchers and their research work can be created in the medium term and, as a result, better research results can be achieved.

    Through the nomination and the award, not least the organizations of the affiliated managers can emphasize the relevance of the topic for their organization.

  • Who can be nominated?

    Researchers from the close research environment (e.g. universities, non-university research
    institutions, spin-offs) who can demonstrate at least 2 years of leadership responsibility can be nominated.

  • What does the award entail?

    The award is given to an individual who has demonstrated excellent leadership skills.

    • Receiving the LExA Award
    • Prize money in the amount of 5,000 €, dedicated to team development measures

    The award will be presented at the annual autumn event of LBG, September 27, 2023, in the presence of many important stakeholders from the Austrian scientific community.

  • How is the jury composed?

    An international jury of experts evaluates the incoming nominations based on modern leadership criteria, with the selection being made in a two-step process. In the event of a large number of submissions, the nominations are pre-selected by the LBG Career Center.
    In the first step, the jury members individually review and rank the nominations. This is followed by a joint jury meeting, at which a winner is selected.
    The decision on the award is made at the jury’s own discretion and is valid to the exclusion of any appeal.
    In 2023, the jury will be composed as follows (in alphabetical order):

    Dr. Jeffrey Buller: former Director of Leadership and Professional Development at Florida Atlantic University, expert, author and trainer on Academic Leadership, Senior Partner at ATLAS Leadership Training

    Kerstin Dübner-Gee: Head of the Human Resources Development & Opportunities department of the Max Planck Society, co-editor of the journal “Developing Personnel in Higher Education and Science”, board member of the German Scholars Organization

    Dr. Markus Ebner: Founder of the Positive Leadership PERMA-Lead Model, Keynote Speaker, Trainer and Coach, Teaching and Research at the Universities of Vienna and Klagenfurt and University of Applied Sciences Vienna

    Dr. Markus Hammer: Director of Learning, Functions Leader and Operations at McKinsey & Company, Lecturer at TU Graz, Institute for Innovation and Industrial Management

    Dr. Vanessa Iwowo: Leadership Dev. Consultant/Visiting Senior Fellow an der London School of Economics (LSE) and Program Director at Birbeck University of London in Organisational Psychology with focus on Leadership (in the international context, esp. Africa); Expert and Lecturer for Leadership and Decision Sciences at London School of Economics (LSE), Centre for Leadership Studies (CLS), University of Exeter Business School

    Clare Viney: CEO at CRAC (Careers Research & Advisory Centre), a long-standing independent non-profit organisation in the UK dedicated to career research and advice, focusing on the career development of researchers through the VITAE initiative

  • What is the nomination and selection process?

    The nomination is made by people who can judge the leadership work of the nominee, e.g. colleagues, employees or superiors. A self-nomination is also possible (by providing 2 references).

    The selection is made according to transparent criteria by an international jury of experts.
    The jury does not focus on management competencies (i.e. the ability to manage and oversee people, processes and resources in an efficient manner), but rather on leadership skills, i.e. the ability to influence and motivate others through one’s own vision, positive attitude and role model character, to contribute and develop according to individual strengths.

    The award decision is discretionary and valid without appeal.

    Full details of the current call can be found in the nomination guidelines.

    • The submission must clearly and comprehensibly demonstrate how and why the nominee is experienced as an exemplary leadership personality
    • Based on a description of specific examples (e.g., everyday life, concrete situations, projects, processes, measures, or the like) and their tangible effects
    • The application and all supporting documents must be written in English due to the international peer review process
    • All dates and deadlines for submitting the application as well as required forms and templates are available through this website
    • Submission is via our LBG eSubmission Portal at esubmission.lbg.ac.at.
  • Important dates and information

    • End of March 2023: Publication of the call
    • From the beginning of April 2023: Submissions possible via our LBG eSubmission Portal
    • June 30, 2023: End of the submission period
    • Selection process by a jury of experts July-August 2023
    • September 27, 2023 – LBG Autumn Event:
      • Invitation of the nominees
      • Presenting the 3 finalists
      • Presentation of the award to the winner

For more information and contact

Dipl. BW (FH) Susanne Leeb, MSc

Director Career Center

+43 1 513 27 50-33 YRkN@yot.np.ng