Our Mission

We support researchers and leaders in their career development so they can work purposefully in or outside of academia!

Our services

Career Development in Research

The LBG Career Center is the first point of contact for all questions concerning career development from pre- and post-doc researchers and their leaders.

We provide confidential advice and accompany young researchers and leaders in  their career development. We also implement programs and build social networks with relevant communities in science and business.

Our services are provided in German and English.

a. Pre- and post-docs of the LBG can combine all services freely and at no charge. Pre- and post-docs from other research organizations and universities have access to selected services highlighted in green within the Career Cake.

Target Groups

Who can take advantage of our services?

Initially, the target group for the LBG Career Center was limited to the researchers employed at the LBG. Since 2019, The LBG Career Center has expanded their service offer to partner universities and other Austrian research organizations via our Career Cake services.

Currently, pre- and post-doc researchers from the LBG as well as those enrolled in our Outreach program can use our services and participate in our events.

Our Target Groups
a. Photo Credit: Pixabay

Mag.a Angelika Hoffer-Pober, MSc

Deputy Head Gender Mainstreaming and Diversity, Medizinische Universität Wien

The cooperation with LBG Career Center and Simone Fürst is always very pleasant and interesting. It is a lot of fun to work within this framework and to experience the great events and the good organization of very professionally designed programs!

Marco Della Torre

Eurac Research

As Career Center Specialist at Eurac Research – Italy, I´ve always considered LBG Career Center a point of reference for developing our project. I´ve always been impressed by the outstanding level of their offered services for career development and guidance but at the same time their simplicity and directness. The team is very welcoming and skilled, and I had more than once the opportunity to have very inspiring and productive brainstormings with them when I needed to develop specific services for our researchers and admin staff. They always gave me tips, suggestions, food for thought and good connections! For instance, thanks to LBG Career Center the last workshop on mentoring techniques for our Eurac Ambassadors was a total success!

Mag.iur Anna Steiger

Vice Rector for Human Resources & Gender, TU Wien

Excelling in science also means shouldering responsibility, leading teams of knowledgeable experts, and possessing the essential skills and knowledge to be a leader. The LBG readies young scientists for their future careers in the LEAD_able summer school. Joining the LEAD_able team as a mentor is inspiring, challenging, and thrilling each year.

Dejan Baltic

Medical Director, Amgen GmbH

The LBG Career Center provides excellent resources, and the committed and proficient team that we have worked with for many years in different programs and areas serves as a crucial connection between academic and business worlds, which is priceless for personal growth of the participants.

Mag. Charlotte Alber

Strategy Unit, Data Analysis and Business Development, Österreichische Forschungsgesellschaft

Research and innovation require not only smart and knowledgeable individuals who bring new ideas to the table, but also a supportive environment to lead the way. As a mentor at LEAD_able, I have seen firsthand the value of receiving diverse perspectives and insights regarding career-related matters. The LBG Career Center excels in providing such support.

Mag. Simone Poetscher, PMP

Founder & Connector in Chief, Thrycon LLC

The LBG Career Center is dedicated to helping scientists thrive and reach their full potential through innovative programs like Peers 4 Careers and hands-on 1:1 Success Coaching. Their team recognizes that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to career development. This understanding is at the heart of their success, as they tailor their programs to meet the needs and aspirations of each scientist. Throughout our collaboration, I’ve been consistently impressed by the LBG CC team’s unwavering commitment to identifying new ways that empower scientists as they take charge of their professional journeys.


The LBG Career Center is kindly supported by funds from Österreich-Fonds through the National Foundation for Research, Technology and Development.