Our Mission

We support researchers and leaders in their career development so they can work purposefully in or outside of academia!

Our services

Career Development in Research

The LBG Career Center is the first point of contact for all questions concerning career development from pre- and post-doc researchers and their leaders.

We provide confidential advice and accompany young researchers and leaders in  their career development. We also implement programs and build social networks with relevant communities in science and business.

Our services are provided in German and English.

a. Pre- and post-docs of the LBG can combine all services freely and at no charge. Pre- and post-docs from other research organizations and universities have access to selected services highlighted in green within the Career Cake.

Target Groups

Who can take advantage of our services?

Initially, the target group for the LBG Career Center was limited to the researchers employed at the LBG. Since 2019, The LBG Career Center has expanded their service offer to partner universities and other Austrian research organizations via our Career Cake services.

Currently, pre- and post-doc researchers from the LBG as well as those enrolled in our Outreach program can use our services and participate in our events.

Our Target Groups
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The LBG Career Center is kindly supported by funds from Österreich-Fonds through the National Foundation for Research, Technology and Development.