Leading Researchers Program

Leadership development for group leaders

This comprehensive leadership program supports you as a Research Group Leader or Senior Researcher with leadership experience to reflect on and further develop your own (leadership) role.

In three modules, you receive theoretical input on various leadership concepts, have the opportunity to put theory into practice through interactive exercises, and share you experiences within the peer group. Additionally, a potential analysis and individual coaching helps you to reflect on your own leadership style and progress in your career development. The next run of this programm will be in fall 2024!


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Apply until July 4, 2024!

Applications are accepted exclusively via a brief video statement (3 minutes max), please share:

  1. Your name, your current role and the organization your work for
  2. How did you find out about the Leading Researchers Program?
  3. What made you apply for the Program and how do you see your participation contributing to your professional development?
  4. What question from your role as a leader would you like to answer in the course of the program?
  5. What are you currently struggling with in your leadership role and how could you imagine the Program to support you?
  6. How do you deal with change and what implications does change have for your leadership role and your team?
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Deadline: Thursday, 4th July 2024

Please confirm in your video as well that all LRP dates are already scheduled in your calendar and that you plan on participating in each of the LRP elements.

Applicants accept the LBG – data privacy policy. The video will be saved on an LBG-server and not shared with third parties.

Only complete application documents can be considered in the application process.

Please utilize the specified data transfer provider (https://www.swisstransfer.com) to securely submit your video to ryvfnorgu.fbaagnt@yot.np.ng while ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

Questions? Contact us!

Elisabeth Sonntag, MA

Program Manager

+43 (0)1 513 27 50-61 Ryvfnorgu.Fbaagnt@yot.np.ng