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09 May 2023 by LBG Career Center

Why is leadership in academia so important? Part 3 #LExA

As part of the Leadership Excellence Award in Research – LExA, we have asked several experts, why they think leadership in academia is important.

Today we have our LExA jury member Dr. Markus Ebner, who is the Founder of the Positive Leadership PERMA-Lead Model, Keynote Speaker, Trainer and Coach, Teaching and Research at the Universities of Vienna and Klagenfurt and University of Applied Sciences Vienna.

His full statement on the importance of leadership in academia:

Leaders at universities and in the field of science in general usually face several very specific challenges:

People who choose a career path in science usually do so because they love their field and are completely immersed in it. Therefore, they are often highly committed experts. However, passion for the subject is not the same as passion for leadership.

To be visible and successful in science, research results and publications are required. This is demanded and rewarded in the scientific system, and leads to success. This also applies to those with leadership responsibilities. Being a good leader in this context is more of a “nice to have.”

Leading in science often means supporting other highly committed experts on their journey. And this journey often has the goal of moving from the current organization to another one.

I am all the more pleased that for the FIRST TIME, the “Leadership Excellence Award in Research” from the prestigious Ludwig Boltzmann Society & LBG Career Center, with the direct involvement of the Minister of Science, is a visible recognition for positive leadership role models in science.

Nominations are open until June 30, 2023.

Further information on our website: https://cc.lbg.ac.at/lexa/

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a. Photo Credit: Markus Ebner, Design Credit: KNAACK