Winter School Revise & Revitalize

Academic Writing, Presentation & Healthy Working Skills for Researchers

The 6-day Winter School offers pre- and post-doc researchers the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of scientific writing and presentation in a productive and supportive atmosphere.

The goal of the Winter School is to demystify the unwritten rules of scientific writing and provide researchers with a clear blueprint for their articles and presentations. Modules on scientific writing and presentation are balanced with revitalize sessions that focus on holistic health and insights on how to build a sustainable career in research.

The program is composed of 3 days of inputs on academic writing, presentation and healthy working followed by a 3-day writing retreat. Writing & revitalize coaching sessions, fireside evenings and peer exchange complement the Winter School.

The target group for the Winter School are junior and senior researchers working on English-language dissertations or journal articles who want to develop their skills for further careers in academia or scientific communication. 14 participants will be selected according to an application process. The program language is English.

The next Winter School is taking place from February 19 to 24, 2024.

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a. Winter School – Revise & Revitalize

Application period: September 01 – December 10, 2023

Apply with a CV (max. 2 pages), a letter of motivation (max. 1 page) detailing how the Winter School would benefit your career development, and an abstract of the paper you plan to revise during the program. Applications must be pre- or post-doc researchers affiliated with an Austrian research organization or university. All fields of study are accepted.

Application via e-mail to christine.hudetz(at)

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Revise and Revitalize with us!

Winter School 2021 Alumnus

When applying for the Winter School, I never anticipated that I would benefit so much. It not only taught me how to sharpen my academic writing skills, but also enabled me to acquire a daily writing habit. It allowed me, as a non-native speaker, to embrace the challenges of English writing and also helped me, as a young scholar, to be mentally prepared for the challenges of academic life.

Winter School 2023 Alumnus


Communication in academia is crucial. Before the Winter school, I struggled with it because I needed a strategy. With the Winter school, I feel more in control since I learnt tested recipes to bake my presentations and articles. I now write often and on smaller and more manageable parts. I design my presentations starting with pen and paper rather than slides. Most importantly, I now take more time to revitalise and reflect on both small and big achievements. Overall, this experience was fantastic for both professional and personal growth.

Winter School 2023 Alumna


I can confidently say that the LBG Winter School was one of the most valuable experiences of my academic career so far. The workshop was not only well-organized, but provided practical advice and strategies for improving my writing and presentation skills. The facilitators were highly knowledgeable and experienced, and they created a supportive environment where participants felt comfortable asking questions and sharing their work. Overall, I highly recommend this workshop to any researcher, whether they are just starting out or are further along in their academic journey.

Winter School 2023 Alumna


The winter school was such a special time. Not only did I improve my research skills, but I also became part of an incredibly supportive community. The biggest gift for me was learning lots about myself: who I am as a researcher and person and how I can better appreciate that.

Winter School 2023 Alumna


When I applied for the Winter School, I never thought such an enriching week would await me. I finally learned how to make even scientific presentations exciting for the listeners and am no longer so afraid of speaking in front of an audience. I particularly benefited from the 1:1 sessions, where I could discuss my writing and presenting issues individually with the coaches. In addition to the excellent program, this Winter School became a great experience for me thanks to a great group of peers.

Winter School 2023 Alumnus


Attending the winter school was a game-changer for me. In six days, I gained invaluable knowledge and skills that significantly improved my academic communication abilities. The instructors were top-notch, and the individual coaching sessions provided me with the tools I needed to become a more effective writer and presenter.

Winter School 2023 Alumna


I always had difficulty expressing what was clear in my head, written or spoken. At the Winter School I was given different techniques to structure my ideas and also how to express them in a concise way. This was really super helpful!

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