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Career Workshop: Visual Communication for Researchers


24 Jun 2024, 09:30 – 24 Jun 2024, 17:00



Visual language can be a valuable tool to communicate your research findings effectively.

It can help you break down complex concepts into much more easily understandable information, capture your audience’s attention, and aid them in retaining information for longer periods of time. In this highly interactive workshop, we will explore the manifold applications for visual language in a researcher’s everyday life. Through a blend of theoretical input and practical exercises, we will investigate good practices for

  • the creation of slides for conferences and seminars
  • writing and drawing on flipcharts and whiteboards
  • illustrating your own research in publications and funding applications
  • using visual language for outreach and communication to the general public

You will also get the opportunity to work on your own visualizations and get feedback from fellow

About the Trainer

Yasmin Dolak-Struss is trainer and systemic coach for researchers. She studied technical physics and holds a doctorate in biomathematics. After several years in research, she switched careers to a large research funding organization, where she was advising and training international researchers on European funding programmes and career development for more than 16 years. As certified systemic coach, she offers support for work-related challenges, such as guiding researchers through difficult career decisions and assisting them in finding a successful and happy career path.

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a. Photo Credit: Yasmin Dolak-Struß