Expert Talk: Career Transition from Academia to other Sectors – Facts & Myths

Datum / Zeit

11. Oktober 2023 / 16:00 – 18:00 Uhr


Online via Zoom


Dr. Yasmin Dolak-Struß (solutionbase)



Get insights to facts & myths, common doubts and challenges for researchers transitioning from academia to other sectors.

Changing career from academia to industry or to other organisations in the private or public sector is a challenging step for many researchers. Numerous uncertainties are connected to it – will I regret leaving academia? How can I find a job I really like? Do I have the necessary skills?

In this expert talk, we will discuss common doubts and challenges for researchers considering leaving academia. We will present some important facts about life after academia, discuss what we can learn from individuals who moved successfully to the private sector and explore what everyone can do by themselves in order to move step-by-step towards a successful transition. The talk will be complemented by the experiences of an alumni of the LBG Expert Internships, sharing her insights about working in industry.

Our Expert

Yasmin Dolak-Struss is trainer and systemic coach for researchers. She studied technical physics and holds a doctorate in biomathematics. After several years in research, she switched careers to a large research funding organization, where she was advising and training international researchers on European funding programmes and career development for more than 16 years. As certified systemic coach, she offers support for work-related challenges, such as guiding researchers through difficult career decisions and assisting them in finding a successful and happy career path

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a. Photo Credit: Yasmin Dolak-Struß