Skills Training: Project Management BASICS for Research Projects – From theory to practice

Dates & Times (both dates are mandatory)

Part 1: Friday, June 7, 2024 from 9:00 AM -12:30 PM
Part 2: Friday, June 14, 2024 from 9:00 AM -12:30 PM






Rainer Svacinka (SUMO Technologies)

This Skills Training is an introduction to the basics of project management (PM) with a special focus on national and international R&D projects. Following a “learning from the big projects, applying it for the small/individual projects” approach, participants will get a theoretical and practical introduction to basics of project planning, structuring and development.  A concrete initial project structuring approach for the participants own projects will be presented and practically implemented in the course: the Project Canvas. Further practical topics on PM Tools, time management and risk management as well as other topics upon individual request of the participants will be introduced.

The trainer, Rainer Svacinka, has extensive experience with research project management in particular, and regularly leads projects for European and national funding schemes including Horizon 2020, Erasmus+, and European Commission Framework Programs.

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