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Spotlight: Mindful Minutes


Join one or multiple sessions:
June 6 / June 13 / June 20 / June 27


11:00 AM – 11:30 AM


Online via MS Teams


Christine Hudetz



Take a break from your to-dos & focus on being mindful!

Join us for a new LBG Career Center online event series – 30-minute sessions to put a spotlight on mindfulness at work & everyday life.

Take a break from the habits and automatisms of everyday life and the daily ‘have to’, ‘should’ and ‘want to’ for a few Mindful Minutes. By consciously focusing your awareness on the present moment, it’s possible to let go of the usual distractions of everyday life. A regular mindfulness practice can help to reduce stress, increase awareness and resilience – and much more. Let yourself be surprised!

As part of the Mindful Minutes, you can look forward to

  • mindfulness exercises and impulses for everyday (working) life as well as
  • a short, guided meditation.

In this context, meditation means consciously focusing your own awareness on the present moment – without wanting to change or judge anything. – Mindfulness as a break from the habits and automatisms of everyday life and meditation as a break from the daily ‘have to’, ‘should’ and ‘want to’.

You can join one or multiple sessions. Every session will include a different mindfulness exercise and a guided, focus-centred meditation.

About the Trainer

Christine Hudetz is a meditation & mindfulness teacher, soon-to-be certified by Meditas and Program Manager at the LBG Career Center. Christine teaches mindfulness practice & techniques for everyday life as well as a secular and science-based form of non-intentional meditation.

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