Expert Internship Program

Building bridges between science and other sectors

To bridge the gap between academia and other sectors, participate in a two-month, paid Expert Internship Program in a host organization of your choice. You’ll have the opportunity to gain practical experience outside of academia, get to know potential employers, and explore new working areas.

If you want to take your career to a next level, then join our program and meet potential employers outside of academia. Acquire important practical skills during your Expert Internship and gain valuable insights into the practices and culture of your host organization.

The Expert Internship Program is for pre- and post-docs of LBG research institutes as well as other Austrian research institutions and universities. The LBG Career Center is kindly supported by funds from Österreich-Fonds through the National Foundation for Research, Technology and Development. Expert Interns will receive a stipend for the duration of the program.

Host Organizations with successfully completed Expert Internships (excerpt)

Here you can search for possible host organizations in life sciences.

Loan Tran

Expert Internship 2023 at AMGEN

The Expert Internship expanded my expert knowledge and also strengthened my skills in the area of interdisciplinary collaboration. It allowed me to gain a great insight into practice. I was also able to make valuable contacts and expand my professional network. I would like to thank everyone for this valuable experience. I really appreciate the new perspective I gained through the Expert Internship and look forward to the next steps in my professional development.

Julian Stopp

Expert Internship 2023 at Takeda

The Expert Internship has been very important for my future career. Through the internship, I have developed a better understanding of the processes within a company, which is very different from the academic environment. This insight and experience will undoubtedly help me to continue my professional career successfully.

Carlos Uziel Perez Malla

Expert Internship 2023 at Takeda

The Expert Internship was a great opportunity to be part of a big company and get a glimpse of how data is created and processed inside. It also helped me to better understand my value as a professional. This industry experience proved that I have developed deeply sought-after skills and knowledge, both being highly valued in industry.

Jakob Huemer

Expert Internship 2023 at Novartis

The Expert Internship was the door opener that allowed me to gain experience in Medical Affairs and also encouraged me to pursue this exciting area as a next stept in my career.

Kristina Lukic

Expert Internship 2023 at Takeda

I am convinced that the Expert Internship will be a vital steppingstone for my transition from academia to industry. It gave me opportunities that I might not have come across otherwise and equipped me with practical skills, industry knowledge, and a professional network, all of which are essential for a successful and fulfilling career in the corporate sector. What I particularly liked is how friendly and supportive Mareike Kerschbaum and the whole Expert Internship team are. I am very grateful and thankful for this opportunity!

Viola Hedrich

Expert Internship 2023 at Pfizer

I really enjoyed the Expert Internship because it provided me with valuable insights into the working environment outside academia, got me out of my bubble and set an important course for my professional future. Thank you LBG Career Center and especially Mareike Kerschbaum for giving me this opportunity!

Anna Hanzl

Expert Internship 2023 at AMGEN

I am convinced that the Expert Internship will be of great importance for my further career, as it allows me to better understand which roles in the pharmaceutical industry particularly excite me. I would like to thank the LBG Career Center again for this opportunity! During the course of my PhD, the LBG Career Center made a significant contribution to my career development through summer school, career events, coaching and now also through the Expert Internship Program – thank you!

Vincent Perle

Expert Internship 2023 at Momentum Institut

In the course of this Expert Internship I acquired new skills, especially when it comes to external communication (e.g. SEO, TikTiok…). It prepared me for a field I definitely feel capable of working in the future.

Samaneh Zoghi

Expert Internship 2023 at Roche

This experience will help me to pursue my plan of a career shift from academia to industry and furthermore in my future job. Therefore, for people who are planning the same, this program is very useful. It helped me to better understand job roles and to find my main interest. I want to thank LBG Career Center for providing this opportunity and specifically Ms. Mareike Kerschbaum for her help and support.

Stephen Rabenlehner

Expert Internship 2023 at Arbeiterkammer Wien

I think it’s a great initiative and I’m very happy to have taken and received this opportunity. I was able to meet so many new people and expand my network. I am very enthusiastic about my Expert Internship and can highly recommend it to others who are interested.

Modesta Trummer

Expert Internship 2023 at EVER Valinject Pharma

Apart from the fact that I have found my new employer through the Expert Internship, this program has been a very valuable experience for me. Gathering first impressions risk-free, expanding my network and experiencing the everyday life of a potential employer – an enriching experience! So from the bottom of my heart, thank you to the LBG Career Center for this special opportunity!

Raheleh Sheibani-Tezerji

Expert Internship 2022 at Boehringer Ingelheim

As I would consider pursuing a position in industry in future, this Expert Internship was a perfect training for me to do research in an industrial setting and learn how to manage a project. This opportunity from the LBG Career Center was a great gate to enter the industry sector, gain new experiences and discover unique capabilities of working in industry in future.

William Michael Barton

Expert Internship 2022 at Antiquariat INLIBRIS Gilhofer

I was delighted to learn, first-hand, that my skills as a researcher in the humanities had direct and clear applications outside of academia. The skills and the insights I’ve gained during my Expert Internship are of obvious benefit for my future work and it gave me a healthier perspective on my professional prospects, i.e. if it doesn’t work out in research, there are interesting alternative options with a good deal of overlap with my fields of interest. I also appreciated greatly Mareike Kerschbaum’s friendly and accessible support on all organisational questions throughout, thank you!

Natalie Walterskirchen

Expert Internship 2022 at Takeda

The Expert Internship was a unique opportunity for me to get to know the culture of an international company and various people from different areas. I learned a lot during this Expert Internship and gained valuable insights into a field in which I would like to further develop.

Karla Huljev

Expert Internship 2022 at Ribbon Biolabs

During my Expert Internship I learned how to put my diverse knowledge and skills into practice. Also, I have experienced the benefits of networking, which further strengthened my views on the importance of effective communication in professional settings. This experience is highly valuable for my future career as it sets the groundwork and opens doors to opportunities outside of academia. I especially liked the support of Ms. Kerschbaum in helping me to find candidate companies for the Expert Internship.

Mario Avellaneda

Expert Internship 2022 at EIT Climate-KIC

Thank you LBG Career Center for doing what you do, I think that it is a career game changer for many of us!

Lisa Bierbaumer

Expert Internship 2022 at Novartis

The Expert Internship was very important for my career and I would therefore describe it as a “career and motivation catalyst”. I was able to build up a diverse network and I am sure that the contact with some of my colleagues will remain beyond the Expert Internship. I would like to thank the LBG-CC team for this great opportunity and hope that there will be many more Expert Internships in the future!

Stefanie Duller

Expert Internship 2022 at Pfizer

The Expert Internship gave me the opportunity to gain new insights and broaden my horizon in many ways. An initiative like this helps a lot to learn about existing career opportunities.

Lisa Schanz

Expert Internship 2022 at DLG

For me, the Expert Internship made a significant contribution to determining my career preferences. It showed me that I can find interesting opportunities and joy in a field outside of university. The contacts and experiences I have made will be beneficial in every future career decision.

Alessandra Casano

Expert Internship 2022 at Takeda

The Expert Internship offered new networking experiences and provided valuable insights on non-academic career opportunities. It brought me a step closer to translational research and makes me feel more confident in my transition from basic to applied science.

Alba Juanes Garcia

Expert Internship 2021 at Pfizer

This program can really make a difference in many scientists‘ careers, facilitating a path that is otherwise complicated to pursue.

Marian Fürsatz

Expert Internship 2021 at Roche

What I really liked about the Expert Internship initiative was that this opportunity exists at all, which is very much appreciated! In addition, I found the support in improving my cover letter very helpful. I am glad that I had the opportunity to participate in this initiative!

Birgit Höger

Expert Internship 2020 at Takeda

My expert internship encouraged me to gain a foothold in research and in the development as well as regulation of medicines, in order to get as close as possible to the actual benefits for patients.

Caroline Zotter-Tufaro

Expert Intership 2020 at AMGEN

The Expert Internship enables you to have completely new experiences, meet new people, leave your comfort zone, and face new challenges. This is not only invaluable for your further professional career, but also for your personal development!

Lisa Hacobian

Expert Internship 2020 at Roche

The opportunity to get a taste of another organisation – and without risk – is truly unique!

Thomas Dillinger

Expert Internship 2019 at Boehringer Ingelheim

After the internship I can say that industrial research is appealing to me and that I can imagine my professional future in this field.

Geert Verhoeven

Expert Internship 2019 at nFRAMES

The Expert Internships present outstanding opportunities to get totally new working experiences.

Claudia Sprenger

Expert Internship 2018 at HORIZONT300

The internship has a very high value. I was employed after two weeks for 13 hours in addition to those of the internship, and at the end of the internship, the organization offered me an employment. Thus, I succeeded in the transition into a new professional field!

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