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23 Jan 2024 von LBG Career Center

Apply now! Peers4Careers 2024

Apply until March 3, 2024 to enter your accountability partnership!

Setting goals is the first step, but reaching them often poses challenges. Lack of support and time constraints can leave many aspirations unfulfilled. That’s where Peers4Careers (P4C) steps in – a transformative 9-month accountability program designed to empower you on your journey towards success! This year cohort will welcome up to 16 participants. It is perfect for researchers who want to excel at their current roles and those preparing for a career change.

For 9 months, you will dedicate time each week to reaching that goal. Your peers will keep you motivated and an experienced coach will guide you to growth and success.

Join now to gain accountability and reach your goals. Consistent, steady progress and peer support will accelerate your success!

Apply until March 3, 2024!
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