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30 Oct 2023 by LBG Career Center

Skills Training “Conflict Management & Negotiation”

How to successfully resolve conflicts and conduct negotiations?

These seem to be two different topics. At second glance, however, they are related. Negotiations are also conflict situations because each party pursues its own goals.

In last week’s Skills Training Conflict Management & Negotiation mediator, consultant & trainer Johannes Tichy shared his expert knowledge about techniques that help people handle conflicts and negotiations with success.

Some key points to remember that help invent options for mutual gain:

  • Separate people from the problem
  • Be respectful and nice to people, be persistent on your interests/needs
  • Ask open-ended questions and use I-sentences
  • Listen with the intention to understand, not to reply
  • Try to understand the other side and help the other side to understand you
  • Insist on objective criteria

Thanks to our participants and to Johannes Tichy for this insightful day – and to our host Loffice Wien for the inspiring working space!

a. Photo Credit: Mareike Kerschbaum