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16 May 2023 by LBG Career Center

Why is leadership in academia so important? Part 4 #LExA

As part of the Leadership Excellence Award in Research – LExA, we have asked several experts, why they think leadership in academia is important.

Today we have our LExA jury member Dr. Markus Hammer, who is the Director of Learning, Functions Leader and Operations at McKinsey & Company and a lecturer at TU Graz, Institute for Innovation and Industrial Management.

His full statement on the importance of leadership in academia:

In academia, inspiring leaders are vital. They can be powerful catalysts for change and positive role models in several ways.

First, their human factor (“the how”): how they build relationships; how they interact with diverse teams of faculty, staff, students, and 3rd parties; how they build and develop the strengths of others; how they make others feel; and how they solve complex problems together in diverse teams.

Second, their work (“the what”): their capacity to  inspire others through their vision in research, their excellence in teaching, and their ability to transfer ideas into real-life in partnerships with industry, government, and society at large.

Finally, excellent leaders have a purpose (“the why”): they want to contribute and make a difference in a fast-changing world; they aim to serve as well as to inspire; and they continue to be humble learners themselves.”

Nominations are open until June 30, 2023.

Further information on our website: https://cc.lbg.ac.at/lexa/

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a. Photo Credit: Markus Hammer, Design Credit: KNAACK