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23 Mai 2023 von LBG Career Center

Why is leadership in academia so important? Part 5 #LExA

As part of the Leadership Excellence Award in Research – LExA, we have asked several experts, why they think leadership in academia is important.

Today we have Clare Viney CSci CChem FRSC, who is Chief Executive Officer of CRAC Vitae (Careers Research & Advisory Centre) and a Chartered Scientist and Chemist with extensive experience in the science community and not-for-profit sector.

Her full statement on the importance of leadership in academia:

Leadership is an important aspect of research independence, and developing the leadership knowledge, skills and behaviours practised by good leaders throughout our research careers is essential. By engaging in leadership development, you will not only enhance your own personal effectiveness and self-awareness, but promote a positive attitude to professional development to all those around you.“

Nominations are open until June 30, 2023.

Further information on our website: https://cc.lbg.ac.at/lexa/

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a. Photo Credit: Clare Viney, Design Credit: KNAACK