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07 Mar 2023 by LBG Career Center

Revise & Revitalize ❄ Winter School 2023

How to write painlessly & effectively, sharpen your presentation skills & establish a healthy work/life?

During the LBG Career Center Winter School from February 13 to 18, 14 motivated pre- and post-docs from different universities and research organizations focused one week on academic writing, presenting and healthy working in research under the motto ‘Revise & Revitalize’.

The first three intense and inspiring Winter School days took place in Vienna with insights from writing trainer Dr. Katherine Caves who explained the unwritten rules of academic writing. Presentation trainer Alison Joyce showed the participants how to create and deliver presentations that will impress any audience. Revitalizing sessions with Mareike Kerschbaum (yoga) and Fabian Unterberger from Meditas (meditation) as well as an Expert Talk with Dr. Teresa Ortner (Senior Editor, Springer Nature Group) and a Fire Side Chat with the trainers completed the three days.

For the writing retreat, the participants left the city’s hustle and bustle. At the Refugium Hochstrass, in the middle of the beautiful and serene Lower Austrian nature, the pre- and post-docs could focus on their own writing projects in a productive atmosphere supported by our writing coach Marc Abernathy, 1:1 coaching sessions and revitalizing activities. One of the highlights: A guided night time walk through the forest with lanterns.

We are already looking forward to the next Winter School in February 2024!

More details on the program can be found here.

a. Winter School Participants 2023 (c) Joanna Pianka
b. Writing Retreat in Lower Austrian Nature (c) Joanna Pianka
c. Input by Writing Coach Marc Abernathy (c) Joanna Pianka
d. Fire Side Chat with Alison Joyce & Katie Caves in Vienna (c) Joanna Pianka